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Under the guidance of the enterprise spirit of " Advanced Technology ,Customer Focus, Conscientious Style, Perfection Seeking”, the company has formed a single item, small batch and multiple variety-based whole machine manufacturing management system and realized a work procedure combination of professional teams and whole vehicle teams. 5S management is implemented at the manufacturing site. Ensuring quality is not only the enterprises’ requirement and but becomes its workers’ autonomous behavior.

The company’s ISO9001 quality management system can realize a whole process management and control of the design, procurement, manufacturing, quality inspection and service of products; the mandatory quality standard for 50-hour operation inspection before leaving the factory can ensure each vehicle is in a good state before leaving the factory; the company has established its enterprise standards above industrial standards; the company’s product manufacturing has always adhered to the strategy of “competitive products”, and systems, means and implementation force guarantee that customers can get high-quality products.